The reliable and easy-to-use ERACHECK product family is portable and robust. ERACHECK and ERACHECK PRO can be operated flexibly to address a series of process issues. Thus they help worldwide customers establish benchmark process control in various fields of application:


Upstream oil recovery (petrochemical industry)

- Step-by-step optimization of the water separation process (onshore/offshore)
- Efficiency enhancement of process chemicals (e.g. emulsifier/demulsifier)
- Evaluation of equipment (filters, hydrocyclones, flotation, etc.)
- Testing of novel separation techniques
- Reinjection water control (injectivity analysis)

Downstream process water monitoring (petrochemical industry)

- Analysis of oil contaminants
- Water reuse testing

Purity control (chemical industry and energy industry) 

- Boiler water monitoring
- Cooling water monitoring

Examples of customer benefits

a) Optimizing the Consumption of Chemicals

In crude oil production, a single well may cause problems to the total water purification system, when too high oil-in-water concentrations reach the manifold. The ERACHECK product family can be used like a stethoscope to monitor the overall purification process and detect process deviations. Thus the expenses for chemical substances such as corrosion/scale inhibitors, biocides and detergents can be significantly reduced.

b) Spotting Malfunctioning Equipment

When cleaning water purification filters by means of back flushing, a malfunctioning single filter may lead to an increased oil content in the produced water. Regular use of the ERACHECK PRO prior and after every filter, each filter's efficiency can be monitored separately. Due to the large measurement range of 0 to 2000 ppm and a limit of detection of 0.5 ppm, this holds true for filters along the whole process line of worldwide water purification plants used in the field of oil production.

The graph illustrates a negative filter efficiency during the daily back flush procedure of an on-shore oil production site. The system fault was detected by checking each filter's performance several times per day on site with the ERACHECK PRO. In the specific example above, changing the back flush procedure lead to an improved overall filter efficiency, which prevented the purchase of expensive novel filter equipment. Frequent use of the ERACHECK product family prevents filters from overstress and damage, and extends their lifetime.

c) Cutting edge water polishing

Minimizing the oil-in-water concentration in reinjection water („water polishing") calls for state-of-the-art filtration equipment, which is delicate and expensive. The ERACHECK PRO is designed to maximize the separation efficiency of such high-end equipment for stable and long-life operation. Efficient water polishing in combination with ERACHECK PRO monitoring guarantees oil-in-water concentrations < 2 ppm. Less oil in reinjection water means less scaling, less bacteria and less pressure within the well. These benefits immediately result in reduced costs and risks for onshore oil production.