On-site Oil in Soil Testing


The contamination of surface soils by various types of crude oils and their products is a severe environmental issue. Brownfield sites occur due to accidents in transportation, leaks in pipelines or storage tanks as well as in the vicinity of refineries, airports, waste sites etc. Statistical investigations on environmental accidents, which involve substances hazardous to water state that 90-95% of recorded soil contamination is related to mineral or crude oil spills.

Such petroleum hydrocarbon contamination endangers not only the natural biological processes in soils, but especially the quality of groundwater. As a consequence, the quantification of oil in contaminated soils is of high priority and has to be performed on-site to rapidly evaluate and classify the soil under investigation. This is especially important after spill accidents or during cleanup operation (excavation).

Using the software-implemented method "Oil in Soil", the portable ERACHECK product family is capable of providing fast and reliable results on the concentration of oil in soil. The certified measurement procedure is based on extraction of the soil sample with cyclohexane.