With high-tech to success: QuantaRed Technologies receives ‘Gewinn Young Entrepreneur Price’Interface Erachekc


At this year’s ‘Gewinn- Young Entrepreneur Competition’ QuantaRed Technologies accomplishedthe 10th rank among more than 1,000 participating start-up companies. The spin-off company of the Vienna University of Technology impressed the jury with the success in the field of highly sensitive analyzers. In the ‘High-Tech’ category QuantaRed Technologies ranked among the best three companies.


QuantaRed customers rely on new environmentally friendly solutions for chemical analysis. The instrument ERACHECK is based on the latest quantum-cascade-laser-technology and enables measurements of smallest oil-in-water contaminations. Thus, production and wastewater can be checked with a high accuracy for compliance with limits in the ppm range. Within a few years (the company was founded in 2008) the ERACHECK entered international markets. The analyzer is used for controlling industrial processes in more than 20 countries across 6 continents.


As critical factors to the success of QuantaRed Technologies Wolfgang Ritter (CEO) considers "the courage to invest in research and development, the focus on customer needs and the persistent enthusiasm for new technologies."

      Foto: Pepo Schuster