TU Spin-off QuantaRed demonstrates Eracheck Pro at the Hannover industrial fair

In the scope of the tech transfer presentation, commissioned by the Hannover industrial fair, TU Spin-off QuantaRed was asked to present their product, a hightech analytical measurement device.

QuantaRed showed the Eracheck Pro, which measures oil in water with high precision and accuracy. The novel method of measuring the oil in water content, with an quantum cascade laser, delivering a fast and reliable result, got a lot of visitors interested resulting in a bunch of questions such as: "How does this device work?" and "What sort of sample can it measure?" Those and other questions were answered by our specialist in oil in water measurement and production manager of the QuantaRed OEM Module, Hanno Handler-Kunze.

In retrospect, the Hannover fair was a success and ideal for creating new business contacts.


Interface Erachekc

      Foto: Hanno Handler-Kunze