We are happy to anounce the start of the H2020 project AQUARIUS and QuantaRed is proud to take the technical lead within the project.

AQUARIUS (full name: Broadband Tunable QCL based Sensor for Online and Inline Detection of Contaminants in Water) will provide on- and in-line capable mid-IR sensing solutions to meet legal provisions for industrial waste water and drinking water monitoring. The detection of hydrocarbon contamination in water (Oil-in-Water contamination) is of special interest within AQUARIUS, leading to an industry-proven online Oil-in-Water analyzer at the end of the project. Significant enhancement in sensitivity and selectivity over current solutions will be achieved by advancement of the laser source (mikro-external cavity QCL) and the detector as well as an innovative combination of automated sample preparation and extraction.

The AQUARIUS consortium consists of 8 partners from 5 different countries within the European Union and kicked-off in January 2017 in Vienna. To find more information about AQUARIUS visit www.aquarius-project.eu.