The latest ASTM oil in water standard test method got a major update. ASTM D7678-17 now includes the following significant improvements:

  • Coverage of concentrations from as low as 0.1 mg/L up to 1000 mg/L
  • Total Oil & Grease (TOG) introduced as parameter additionally to Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH)
  • Validation of ready-made LiquiSpec® TOG and TPH cartridges for easiest clean-up 

A round robin study was conducted to show the unrivaled precision of the method and the  ERACHECK PRO.

The ERACHECK PRO by QuantaRed Technologies is still the only oil-in-water analyzer that fully complies with D7678-17.
LiquiSpec® TOG and LiquiSpec® TPH cartridges are available at QuantaRed Technologies.

Get your copy of the standard from ASTM's website 

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