Quantum Cascade Lasers - A Unique Tool for Chemical Sensing


Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) are semiconductor lasers which can be tailored to emit light across the whole mid-IR spectral region where almost all molecules show characteristic absorption features. Based on the fact that the spectral power density of QCLs is very sharp and three orders of magnitude higher than that of a blackbody radiator (FTIR), maximum sensitivity and selectivity is achieved. For this reason, QCLs are highly competitive when it comes to solve specific analytical tasks.

At QuantaRed technologies, QCLs are embedded in compact size measurement modules comprising flow cell, detector and electronics. Thus a new generation of portable high precision liquid-phase analyzers has been developed.


qclsemOil in Water Analysis – Infrared and CFC-free

With respect to oil-in-water analysis, quantum cascade lasers are sharp and powerful enough to quantify hydrocarbons in cyclohexane (or cyclopentane) after liquid-liquid extraction. QCLs are capable of discriminating between the slightly shifted absorption peaks of hydrocarbon analyte and hydrocarbon solvent. Thus ozone-depleting CFC solvents become obsolete.