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DI Wolfgang Ritter, founder and long-time managing director of QuantaRed Technologies GmbH, passed away on December 11, 2022. He will be greatly missed by his family, friends, and the entire team at the Vienna headquarters as well as business and research partners in Austria and abroad.

Wolfgang was born on August 30, 1977 in Feldkirch, Austria. He moved to Vienna to study analytical chemistry at TU Wien. After graduating in 2005, he immediately started to realize his dream of entrepreneurship.

He founded QuantaRed in 2008 to develop, design, market and distribute a new generation of ecological oil-in-water analyzers based on quantum cascade laser technology. In recent years, his company's portfolio has expanded to include fuel quality testing equipment. Always striving to keep his finger on the pulse, Wolfgang ensured that QuantaRed was part of the thriving European research community. 

Wolfgang is survived by his partner Elisabeth and their daughter Sarah.



The prevention of hydrocarbons in discharged water can be a challenge in many branches of the petrochemical industry. Solving these challenges begins with selecting an accurate and reliable measurement technique. The EcoSpec® is the perfect choice to detect and measure hydrocarbons in slop water, sewage water and waste water in general. Its outstanding precision is achieved with the laser-based measurement technique which is a great tool to verify the cleanliness of discharged water in regard of hydrocarbons.


FAME in Jet Fuel

The present and growing international governmental requirements to add biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters - FAME) to diesel fuel has had the unintended side-effect of leading to potential FAME cross-contamination of jet fuel in multi-product procurement chains.


Soil Treatment

The contamination of surface soils by various types of crude oils and their products is a severe environmental issue. Brownfield sites occur due to accidents in transportation, leaks in pipelines or storage tanks as well as in the vicinity of refineries, airports, waste sites, etc. With the EcoSpec®, technicians and environmental engineers have a powerful tool to detect and quantify oil pollution of the soil with an environmentally friendly measurement technique.


Quality Control Laboratory

Quality assurance providers and third-party laboratories provide their customers with the certainty that products meet industry standards. The analytic instruments EcoSpec® and FameSpec® of QuantaRed Technologies GmbH allow them to offer a large number of accepted standardized test methods. Our measurement devices fulfill the requirements stated within these standards and therefore ensure correct operation of our equipment and consequently reliable results.


FAME in Jet Fuel Analyzer

The FameSpec® is a compact stand‐alone analyzer that comes in a modern, portable and rugged design. It provides fully automatic and rapid measurement with high sample throughput. All types of FAME, including short chain methyl ester, are detected within a short measurement time.


Oil-in-Water Analyzer

The EcoSpec® is designed to quantify oil-in-water with an unmatched precision down to 0.1 mg/L using eco-friendly, CFC-free solvents. It is based on patented state-of-the-art quantum cascade laser (QCL) technology and is fully compliant with ASTM D7678. Total petroleum hydrocarbons or oil and grease are quantified in the sub-ppm range within minutes. The EcoSpec® oil-in-water analyzer enables its users around the world to establish benchmark process control and environmental monitoring.


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